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Apply To Be A Cabin Counselor

So you think you want to be a summer camp counselor? This is a position unlike any you probably have had or will have in your life. Before you decide to jump in and apply, please take a look at this document. In it, read the job description, our article “Would I Make A Good Counselor?” and peruse the FAQs. If you have any additional questions, please email Summer Camp Director Paul Kupferman.

Dates of Employment

Staff Training                    June 1st
1-Week Session #1          June 8th – June 14th
1-Week Session #2          June 15th – June 21st
1-Week Session #3          June 22nd – June 28th
3-Week Session 75          June 30th – July 19th
3-Week Session 76          July 21st – August 9th
Staff Departs                    August 10th




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