Explore Our Sea Camp on Catalina Island

Toyon Bay waterfront.

At Catalina Sea Camp, campers have access to unique activities that cannot be found at other camps. Our secluded facilities are located on private beaches at Toyon Bay and Fox Landing on Catalina Island. These unique destinations allow campers to participate in activities that are the perfect combination of marine science, ocean adventure, and summer camp fun. 

Toyon Bay, Catalina Island

Home to Catalina Sea Camp’s Three-Week Sessions, Toyon Bay is located in a beautiful private cove just a few miles from the town of Avalon. Take a virtual tour of our stunning facilities.


Inspired by old-school stucco house architecture with open-air hallways, our dorms invoke classic southern California vibes. When campers step onto their porches they get a rush of fresh sea air and have panoramic views of the valley.

We understand the importance of campers being well-rested in order to enjoy camp to the fullest extent, so we outfitted our dorms with the most comfortable furnishings. Each Toyon Bay dorm room has several bunk beds with plush mattresses. Campers are required to bring bed linens from home (we recommend a sleeping bag and pillow). 

NAUI-Certified Scuba Diving Lessons

In our private bay, we offer a wide variety of NAUI-certified scuba lessons for everyone, at any level. For new scuba enthusiasts, we offer an NAUI Open Water Scuba Diver course where campers gain their open water certification that can be used all over the world!

Campers that are looking to grow beyond their open water certification can take advantage of our NAUI Advanced Diver, NAUI Master Diver, NAUI Rescue Diver, and NAUI Night Diver courses. In each of these lessons, divers build on the skills they developed in previous classes.

Toyon Bay Yacht Club

We have our own yacht club which launches our sailing classes and ocean adventure courses. When campers sail the coastal waters of Catalina Island they’ll be able to try the simplicity and performance of our lasers, the exhilarating fun of 420s, and journey on a group adventure in a catamaran. 

Fox Landing, Catalina Island

Tucked inside the protection of Long Point on Catalina Island, Fox Landing provides a picturesque backdrop for an incredible summer camp experience. Check out this virtual tour of our unmatched grounds.


At the end of an adventurous and exciting day at Catalina Sea Camp, your child will come back to our camp cabins. These spaces are used to freshen up, relax, share favorite experiences with bunkmates, and get some shuteye in preparation for the next action-packed day. Each Fox Landing cabin has six bunk beds with mattresses.

The 15 cabins circle a central quad where campers can meet up before meals or play a quick game of cards. But what makes our cabins special is they all overlook the ocean for unreal views any time of day. 

Dive Deck

Campers get outfitted for snorkeling on our own dive deck with wetsuits, masks, snorkels, and fins. Once the campers are all suited up, they can participate in one of our three snorkeling classes: night snorkeling, shore snorkeling, and boat snorkeling. 

Night snorkeling is a unique kid’s sea camp experience. Campers immerse themselves in the magical world of bioluminescence. Underwater creatures come alive after sunset and are waiting for us to discover their amazing ability to glow and thrive in the nighttime. 

Archery Range

Our pirate-themed archery range lets campers fire arrows in a fun environment. We help budding archers hone their form through games and practice. On top of learning how to nail a bullseye, campers are encouraged to perfect their pirate accent—we recommend starting with ARRR-chery!

CIMI Dive Club

Campers from Fox Landing and Toyon Bay (plus alumni) that love scuba diving are able to join the rich community of our CIMI Dive Club. Here the CIMI and the Catalina Sea Camp community (former, present, and future) connect around an interest in the ocean and diving. Monthly virtual meetings feature a guest speaker working in a field related to diving, marine science, and/or conservation. Plus, these meetings benefit as a time to connect and plan dive meet-ups!

Catalina Sea Camp for Kids & Teens

The incredible campuses, resources, and activities available at Catalina Sea Camp’s two neighboring locations—Toyon Bay and Fox Landing—make these sea camps unforgettable! Learn more about our one-week and three-week sessions, and as always, if you have any questions please reach out.

There are still openings in our 2022 camp sessions. Check out the dates and rates for both our one-week and three-week sessions—be sure to enroll fast, we already have a few waitlists!