Marine Science Labs

Our Favorite Marine Biology Camp Activities for 2022!

Two campers scuba diving.

Here at Catalina Sea Camp and Guided Discoveries, we have always recognized the power of the “camp experience.” Unique and exciting experiences give campers the opportunity to discover new things about themselves and the world. 

That’s why we offer an array of stimulating activities that are exclusive to our Catalina Sea Campers. Our private locations in the sheltered coves of Toyon Bay and Fox Landing—on the leeward side of Catalina Island—allow us to offer snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, and marine science classes in conditions that cannot be replicated anywhere else in southern California.

Here are a few of the activities we cannot wait to share with our incoming campers for the summer of 2022!

NAUI-Certified Scuba Diving Lessons

We offer a wide variety of NAUI-certified scuba lessons for everyone, at any level. For new scuba enthusiasts, we offer an NAUI Open Water Scuba Diver course where campers gain their open water certification that can be used all over the world!

Campers that are looking to grow beyond their open water certification can take advantage of our NAUI Advanced Diver, NAUI Master Diver, NAUI Rescue Diver, and NAUI Night Diver courses. In each of these lessons, divers build on the skills they developed in previous classes.

For campers looking to dive deep into scuba, there’s our NAUI Scuba Ecologist course where divers learn to identify different fish, invertebrates, and algae species. Underwater survey skills are practiced at multiple dive sites around the island.  

There’s even something for those who want to test the waters. Our Try Dive course is for campers looking for an introduction to scuba before pursuing certification. To simply dip their toe in, if you will.

CIMI Dive Club

Catalina Sea Campers (and alumni) that love scuba diving are able to join the rich community of our CIMI Dive Club. Here the CIMI and the Catalina Sea Camp community (former, present, and future) connect around an interest in the ocean and diving. Monthly virtual meetings feature a guest speaker working in a field related to diving, marine science, and/or conservation. Plus, these meetings benefit as a time to connect and plan dive meet-ups!

Two staff members in scuba diving gear taking a selfie in the water.

Underwater ROV

Underwater remote operating vehicles, aka ROVs, are pretty spectacular. But how about an ROV your camper built themselves? Even better. In our Oceanography and ROVs course, offered during our three-week session, campers have the opportunity to work in teams and build battery-powered submersible ROVs. They’ll also learn about the physical and biological properties of the sea.


We give our campers lots of opportunities to get up close and personal to the fish and diverse ecosystems that exist in our private bays and rocky reefs. 

Night snorkeling

When the sun goes down an incredible array of bioluminescent creatures come out to play. Our campers are able to immerse themselves in these creatures’ worlds and learn about their ability to glow and thrive in the nighttime.

Shore snorkeling

Campers are able to dive into our camp’s private shoes and swim with their friends to discover what the ocean has to offer. Bonus: They don’t even have to pack a snorkel and goggles—we’ve got that covered.

Boat snorkeling

Everyone gears up and ventures out of our private coves to go snorkel at one of the close-by coral reefs or lush kelp forests. We want everyone to experience the full beauty and wonder of the island’s underwater wildlife. 

Underwater Photography

Everyone has a selfie. But not everyone has a selfie with a local Garibaldi (aka Catalina goldfish). In this marine biology camp activity, campers learn the skills and techniques to dive with real underwater photography equipment. They’ll capture the flourishing life that is waiting just under the surface of our private bays. Underwater photography is offered in our one-week and three-week program, so everyone has the opportunity to see the exciting world that lives below the surface.


We could go on and on about the unique opportunities Catalina Sea Camp’s private bays have to offer our campers. So if you’re interested in learning more about the incredible marine biology activities we offer, please reach out! We’d love to answer any questions. 

But if all of this has gotten you and your camper excited about the endless opportunities this summer has to offer, we’ve got good news! There are still openings in our 2022 camp sessions. Check out the dates and rates for both our one-week and three-week sessions—be sure to enroll fast, we already have a few waitlists!