Why Children Need to Care About Ocean Conservation

It’s cliche to say that children are our future, but it’s true. They’re going to inherit the earth that we leave them, and while we haven’t been great about taking care of the environment, we can teach our kids to be better. 

The ocean is an incredibly important part of the environment. As the ocean goes, the earth goes. But, why should our children care about the ocean and protect it? We’ll tell you why it’s important we instill in our kids a conservation mindset.

The Ocean Generates Over Half of the Oxygen We Breathe

An estimated 50-80% of the world’s oxygen is produced by phytoplankton that lives on the ocean’s surface. Pollution and rising ocean temperatures can significantly impact these tiny marine plants. And with how much oxygen they produce, if they’re negatively impacted, so are we.

The Ocean Provides At Least 1/5th of the Animal Protein We Eat

The ocean accounts for 20% of the world’s animal protein consumption, and 50% of it in developing countries. Needless to say, the ocean is vitally important to global food security. Every oil spill not only does significant damage to the ocean and environment, but to the earth’s food chain. Every degree the temperature of the ocean rises makes it harder and harder for fish, crustaceans, and all other marine life to survive.

The Ocean Supports an Incredible Diversity of Life

Scientists estimate that over 2 million species inhabit the ocean. And we haven’t even discovered 90% of them! If we don’t take care of the ocean, our chances of discovering those species shrink. When we take our campers out on the water to go boating or scuba diving, we always stress the importance of respecting all of the creatures that they come in contact with.

The Ocean Provides a Source of Beauty, Inspiration, and Recreation

The ocean doesn’t just provide us food and oxygen, it provides us an endless source of inspiration and fun. Scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, swimming, we could keep going. All of us have fond memories of days spent at the beach in the water, playing with family and friends, or watching the waves break from the shore. If we don’t protect the ocean, we run the risk of losing these beautiful moments.

Without a healthy ocean, there’s no Catalina Sea Camp.


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Catalina Sea Camp welcomes kids ages 8-17 interested in marine biology and ocean adventure for a summer full of fun and exploration. During our one and three-week sessions, campers are encouraged to enjoy learning about marine biology on a private beach at Toyon Bay and Fox Landing on Catalina Island.