Dorms at Catalina Sea Camp

Separated into two distinct Quads, the dorms at Catalina Sea Camp serve as an excellent home base for campers during their 3-week camp experience.  Not only are the girls and Boys dorms separated geographically but the students are also broken into age-based crews upon arrival at Toyon Bay. The As (12/13 year olds), Bs (14/15 year olds) and Cs (16/17 year olds) are then assigned a counselor who lives in an adjoining room to their campers’ bunk room. These bunk rooms typically sleep between 6 and 10 campers on bunk beds. Bathrooms with private showers are numerous and strategically located throughout each of the boys and girls quads. The grassy area in each quad also offers a centrally located gathering place for those down times between classes and throughout the day (supervised of course).

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