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Join Our Staff and Be A Cabin Counselor

So you think you want to be a summer camp counselor? What could be better than working in a fun inspirational environment with kids and your peers on Catalina Island. This is a position unlike any you probably have had or will have in your life. Before you decide to jump in to join our staff at Catalina Sea Camp and apply, please take a look at this document. In it, read the job description, our article “Would I Make A Good Counselor?” and peruse the FAQs. After answering the FAQ’s you will have a good Idea whether or not you have what it takes to be a good summer camp counselor. If you have any additional questions, please email our Summer Camp Director Paul Kupferman. Working at our summer camp on Catalina Island is an amazing experience. We look for top notch individuals. To join our staff, we run applicants through a strict screening process, including background checks, fingerprinting and a personal interview.  When, or if, you make the grade, you will receive high level training by our Catalina Sea Camp director Paul and our administration crew. This training will give you the skills you need, along with the talents you bring with you, to be the very best Catalina Sea Camp summer camp counselor possible. It’s not for everyone, so make sure you consider joining our staff carefully. We wish you success and hope you will succeed at being one of the best camp counselors ever.

Dates of Employment

Staff Training                    June 1st
1-Week Session #1          June 8th – June 14th
1-Week Session #2          June 15th – June 21st
1-Week Session #3          June 22nd – June 28th
3-Week Session 75          June 30th – July 19th
3-Week Session 76          July 21st – August 9th
Staff Departs                    August 10th


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