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Communities Who Fort Together, Stay Together!

Put on your silly face and let’s get fort building! Here at CIMI, we’ve constructed some pretty spectacular cardboard castles, and we’d love to have you over! But you can’t build a magic castle without a team of friends and an active imagination…

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Although us CIMI instructors dabble in the art of fort building whenever possible, we also live daily under similar notions that the process of fort building requires. How might this be? Because just like every good fort, it’s inhabitants must work in harmony and use teamwork in order to construct a solid fort foundation. In this way, we must live together in a community environment, much like any good fort inhibitor. In any communal home, whether it be a dormitory or some couch cushions and pillows, groups of people work in teams to cooperate in order to cohabitate and live happily ever after.

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Us Sea Camp instructors live in this fashion, in dorm-style and shared room quarters. We enjoy time hanging together, but alone time is as equally vital. In a communal living situation, it is very important to respect your fellow roomies, and know when it’s time to play and when it’s time to take some moments of silence. Each of us requires different levels of social interaction, so it’s important to be able to read yourself and others when it comes down to living in a shared environment.

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To cohabitate effectively, scheduled chores are as well sometimes necessary. It’s hard to keep track of cleaning shifts with so many people using shared facilities, so what better way than to have your assigned cleaning day! Just like when we were younger, scheduled chores keep us accountable for every day house messes. We also like to throw cleaning parties, where everyone grabs a broom and joins in! We think that the best way to clean is to enjoy ourselves while doing so, and our favorite style is with loud dance music and plenty of mopping moves.

And of course communal living has it’s perks…you have friends around you all the time! Our favorite part about living in a shared community is the company we keep. In our spare time, we enjoy playing team sports, going on epic snorkels, and joking around with one another. Imagine waking up next door to all your friends, it’s just the best! No need to travel far to spend time with one another…look no further than across the hall!

So whether you are building a fort or living in a shared environment, keep in mind the 3 C’s, community, cooperation, and communication! Following these will help you to succeed in any environment, with any fort companion or housemate!




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