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We do believe in Neverland!

At Sea Camp, we love to get creative! We delight in imagination! And we celebrate originality! But what do all those words mean? Creativity is the catalyst of everything we construct, from the architecture of our homes, to the gripping stories we immortalize in books and movies, to the unique way we choose to shape our own lives. Creativity is the ability to be inventive – to brainstorm new ideas and bring them to life. The creative world is one free from restrictive rules, full of wonder and strangeness, where anything goes and all you need is a little faith in your own potential. It’s a little like Neverland. And where does the creative spirit come from? It’s hard to say exactly. It’s a mysterious and powerful force, a little like fairy dust. But we do know some ingredients that can help get those creative juices flowing, and the fact that you can find all of them at summer camp – well, it’s a little like magic.

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Neuroscientists have been studying the magic of creativity for a long time. They’ve determined that there are many different ways to be creative: a good creative “insight” – a flash of an original idea – can be planned or spontaneous, and be processed logically, emotionally, or both. They’ve also learned that an inventor needs different types of fuel. First comes inspiration: fresh raw material like clay to sculpt an idea; and then motivation: the skill, drive, and tools to sculpt it into a masterpiece. Finally, a creator must not be afraid of failure – maybe even rejoice in it a little – because it’s often only through trial and error that great ideas come to be.

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What better way to play with imagination, celebrate creativity, and rejoice in the weird and wonderful than in our very own Neverland on Catalina? At SeaCamp, we have everything we need to think outside the box. Here, inspiration floats as freely as Captain Hook’s pirate ship on the island breeze. That’s because it’s born from new experiences and sensations, like meeting new people (hello cabinmates!), traveling to a new place (hello orange cliffs and blue water!), or trying a new activity (hello snorkeling for the first time!). And motivation can be developed by practicing a new skill (hello ice cream sundae art!), pushing your comfort zone (hello sailing!) or learning new facts (hello hands-on marine science!). We don’t take ourselves too seriously at camp, which creates the perfect environment to try new things, be silly, and be yourself.

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So grab your wings, your face paint, and your pirate hat, and join us on our journey to a seriously enchanted place. Let your imagination romp with laughter, new friends, and new skills – only here, the magic is all about growing up.


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