Why Summer Camp?

This isn’t a new question, however, the answer is still valuable. In an era of growing consumption of technology, where a child under two years of age spends an average of one hour per day using technology, it is even more critical for children to disconnect from both technology and the real world. Don’t worry mom and dad, time away from you can be a very healthy experience for your child, and for you.

Whether the time away is for a week, three weeks, a month, or the whole summer, this brief time away will allow your child to grow in ways you have never imagined.
Regardless of how your child lives the rest of the year, the camp living environment is different! Campers are together 24/7, which requires teamwork, continuous communication, problem solving, and patience to live in harmony. Living together in such an intimate environment allows campers to build strong friendships in a relatively short time. The friends, your child will make at camp, will be unlike any others in their lifetime. If you ask any child about their camp experience, they will more than likely tell you about things that only their camp friends can understand. These friendships are one of a kind because camp friends see you in a variety of circumstances. Whether its at your best, surfing for the first time, or at your worst, failing to get to the top of the climbing wall and losing your cool. Learning to cope with failure and success are vital life skills.

The time spent away at summer camp gives your child the opportunity to explore who they are in a completely new environment. Challenging them to handle experiences on their own and outside their normal comfort zone. Camp provides your child with a safe nurturing environment to test the boundaries of what he/she thinks they are capable of. When they succeed, they build confidence in themselves and if they fail they have a diverse group of peers and staff to support them.

At camp your child can try new things, focus on and excel at familiar activities that meet their interests, build confidence in him/herself, become part of a unique camp family, and find or rekindle a love of nature! There are hundreds of summer camps available that would greatly benefit your child. Catalina Sea Camp is unique because of its amazing location, the adventurous and educational programs, and the passionate, well-educated staff. Not only does the staff ensure the safety of your child, they are experts in their field and have a focused appreciation, respect and love for everything they do. Regardless if they are teaching arts and crafts, scuba diving or exploring the surroundings on beautiful Catalina Island they foster educational experiences through fun interactive activities!

The benefits of summer camp are endless and lasting. We can’t tell you how many times we meet timid children who leave camp with newfound confidence. These quiet campers grew out of their shell. They sang in front of the entire camp, learned to scuba dive, and shared too many laughs to count with their friends. These are the experiences that are magical and priceless! Don’t let your child miss out on everything camp has to offer.

We included this video in our blog because that is just a taste of some of the silly, creative fun your camper will have this summer. Again, don’t let them miss out!


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