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The Adventure of Science Spotlight

Science and Adventure at Catalina Sea Camp is about more than just education – it’s about experience, interaction, and challenges. Campers that come to Catalina Sea Camp get awesome opportunities to experience more than conventional courses in science when they come to Toyon Bay, as Jeff Chace and his team work day in and day out to provide opportunities for campers to go beyond the textbook to experiencing science first hand at our Plankton, Algae, and Fish Labs as well as in our Marine Mammal Hall and through experiences traveling across the island in Catalina Explore and Adventure classes.

Science adventure

Campers in our one-week programs have the opportunity to experience our ocean firsthand by collecting plankton samples to view under the microscope and feeling invertebrates and sharks in our touch tanks. In the three-week programs campers explore Catalina to study endemic species and experience the beauty of Sea Camp’s surroundings.

Science adventure 1

Through opportunities to adventure, campers participate in activities ranging from archery and the giant swing to rock climbing and stand-up paddle boarding. Activities are dictated by challenge by choice, where campers push themselves to their own personal limits in a safe environment. Regardless of what campers are doing on any given day, Science and Adventure staff make it their mission to engage campers, through sharing the incredible beauty of the nature surrounding Toyon and by encouraging campers to push themselves beyond what they thought possible.

Science in Action

Hi! I’m Emily Davidson, and I’m on the Science & Adventure staff at Toyon Bay.



Four years ago when I started college, I could have never imagined ending up in such an exquisite place as this. Rugged, picturesque Catalina is the best classroom I could ever ask for, with an abundance of resources for hands-on learning, adventure, and, of course, fun.

As my primarily research-focused undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill were wrapping up, I began questioning many aspects of my education. As a chemistry major who focused on chemical oceanography (the study of chemical processes that occur within marine ecosystems) I found my passion for science and discovery through hands-on, relevant experiments and excursions in my classes and research laboratory. I realized I was incredibly lucky to have had such a supportive and immersive education – something that far too few students have the opportunity to experience.

Every time I told someone I was a chemistry major, I got a nearly universal reaction of disgust and “why would you do that to yourself?!” A lot of people dislike science, especially once they reach the high school and collegiate level. I believe this is because so few people get to experience hands-on, interactive, relevant science activities at a young age. With the challenges our growing world faces in the future, it is essential that the next generation of scientists be prepared and passionate about facing those challenges and answering the questions that need to be answered.

CIMI’s summer sea camps and school year programs are providing a stellar service to kids of all different backgrounds by exposing them to an amazing facet of this earth they may otherwise never experience. After struggling to decide what I wanted to do after graduation, it became clearer and clearer that CIMI was the perfect place to make a difference in kids’ lives and the future. CIMI has a fantastic staff that is teaching kids in ways that truly engage them and bridge the gap between academics that many students perceive as unimportant by making nature the classroom, and by bundling fun and interactive learning to inspire kids to follow their interests and discover the amazing beauty and chaos of our natural world, and, most importantly, pushing them to dream, ask questions, and change the world.

Check out our Catalina Sea Camp science in action:


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