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Top Tips for Scuba Diving Camps for Teens

3 teens in wetsuits at Catalina Sea Camp

Exploring the magical underwater world is an exciting opportunity for teens during their summer camp experience. But how to ensure they get the most out of it? Here we’ll go over some tips that you can use to help get your kid prepped for scuba diving during summer camp.

Get Gear That Fits Well

You want your child to feel comfortable in the water and in their own skin! We recommend shopping with them to find a swimsuit they love and are excited to wear under their wetsuit. You also want to ensure it fits well and they’re comfortable. 

What’s great about your child learning to dive at Catalina Sea Camp is that we’ll provide the rest of the equipment! From wetsuits and fins to tanks and masks, we’ll work with your child to get them fitted correctly and safely. 

Practice Communication

Clear communication is paramount to a successful dive. Both above water or underwater, your child should feel empowered to speak up (or signal) if they feel uncomfortable or confused by the instructions. Our instructors are highly trained and have a lot of experience teaching children how to dive, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have questions! Teaching your child how to be an advocate for themself is critical as they learn to dive—and just in life in general. 

Campers scuba diving.

Find a Diving Buddy

This goes for the whole camp experience, but encourage your kid to talk to other divers! Having a shared interest in scuba diving is an easy ice breaker, helping the conversation flow from there. Before sending them to camp, try role-playing conversations if your child is on the shy-er side, or if your kid has no problem striking up a conversation, remind them it’s not a competition—we’re all here to have fun and learn to dive!

Encourage Breaking Out of Comfort Zones

For most kids, scuba diving is extremely new and sorta scary. And that’s ok! Stepping out of their comfort zone is one step towards personal growth. So it’s important, before sending them to a scuba diving camp, to let them know it’s okay to be scared as long as they know it’s because they’re trying something new, and once they’re on the other side of it, they’ll feel like a new person who can conquer anything in their path. 

A group of campers in wetsuits, jumping into the water.

Scuba Diving at Catalina Sea Camp

Regardless if it’s your child’s first time diving or they’re already a pro, scuba diving at Catalina Sea Camp lends a unique opportunity to learn with the best instructors and grow their skills. They can even get their diving certification while they’re here! 

If you’re interested in learning more about the incredible marine biology activities and scuba diving certificates we offer for our three-week campers, please reach out! We’d love to answer any questions. Or check out our dates and rates and enroll your child for this upcoming summer session.