Catalina Sea Camp Testimonials from our Happy Campers and Parents

Check out our testimonials page to hear from happy campers and families who have experienced summer camp at Catalina Sea Camp. Let their experiences convince you to come aboard for a summer. We guarantee the time of your life and more hands-on learning than you’ve ever had! View our testimonials below.


Our Catalina experience has been Boy Scouts which is a terrific program no doubt but doesn’t compare in the style of the program. We loved the personal focus to the parents and child, you gave a sense of reassurance through your communications rather than parents seeking reassurance that all was well, clearly the program is a top class program through based on the amenities, depth and breadth of activities offered, and blending the “summer camp fun” into the program.

- Riley's Mom (10 year old)

My son independently had a great time and brought back terrific memories. The process to enroll, drop off and pick up was smooth. I especially liked the communications by phone, email and photos on line.

- Kyle's Mom (11 year old)

I wanted her to be able to have independent experiences, explore new activities, have fun, be a kid but be on her own too. She had all that and more!

- Mom of 10 year old

Justice was scared and unsure going in and everyone right away made her feel like she was truely part af something. You all helped her step out of comfort zone and prove to herself all she is capable of. She came back with such high confidence and self esteem. You all made the learning process exciting enough she has finally made the decision to pursue her dream of becoming a marine biologist.

- Justice's Mom (11 year old)

Sam looked so alive when he got off the boat to come home. He was radiating excitement, happiness, achievement. It was a wonderful experience for him.

- Sam's Mom (11 year old)

He matured in only one week. He learned some great soclalization skills in relation to girls in the camp, and learned that polite manners impress the girls, and he even danced in public for the first time! He loved the activities, especially kayaking.

- Gabriel's Mom (12 year old)

I never imagined how wonderful CIMI would be in how it’s shaped and matured Julia in her development, making life- long impressions on her and giving her opportunities to do things she’d never have been able to do.

- Julia's Mom (17 year old)

This was my daughter’s first year at Sea Camp, so I was not really sure what she would get out of the experience. She had a blast and more to the point, she came home a more confident and outgoing child.

- Emily's Mom (13 year old)

Camp was a financial stretch for me this summer time, especially as a single mom. But I feel, bottom line, CIMI is the kind of experience you can’t put a price on … Michael is as grateful as a kid possibly can be, considering he is 16. It’s hard for him to really understand how lucky he is, but I think he gets it. He comes back a deeper thinker, a “cooler” kid, & more appreciative of bonds with friends every summer. As a parent, the counselors at CIMI blow me away, every summer. Bright, perceptive, supportive and great young adults.  As a parent, I was extremely grateful.

- Julie's Mom (16 year old)

Somehow, every single year the camp exceeds my expectations. I have very high expectations because I know it is an excellent camp; but every year amazes me with the new things he has learned.

- Bryce's Mom (age 15)

I’d love to come back to Sea Camp, its one of the most entertaining, friendly, opportunity-filled places I’ve ever been to. It helps shy people come out of their shells, allows people to develop new friends, and also gives people new opportunities to discover talents, and experience different activities and such that you wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else.

- 16 year old camp

This place makes it easy to relax and take it easy for a few weeks because high school has just been very tiresome, so it’s nice to not worry about it for a while.

- 15 year old camper

I love this place, after every session I feel like I have grown so much as a person and it is an overall rewarding experience. I meet some of the most unique and special people here and learn so much from their experiences and travels and it is just so great.

- 16 year old camper

Sea Camp is one of my favorite places on Earth. I have made some of my best friends there and have broken out of my shell because of it. It is the one thing i look forward to every year. It don’t suck here!

- 16 year old camper

Every time I set foot on the Toyon Bay Pier, I feel like I have just arrived home after years away, even though in truth it hasn’t been long at all. The people at CIMI are truly the most wonderful, caring people I have ever met, and you just can’t replicate an atmosphere like that. I start counting down the days to the next summer the day I arrive on the mainland, and don’t stop until I’m on that pier again.

- 15 year old camper

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Catalina Sea Camp was recently name one of the best summer camps in California for 2021 by Summer Camp Hub!

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