Can I make/receive phone calls?

You may also receive EMERGENCY (or EXTREMELY important) calls on our business line; the number is (310) 510-1622. Do not give this number out to friends! This phone number rings in your Boss’s bedroom from 9PM – 7AM.

Fortunately (yes…fortunately), cell phones do not work on campus.

Do I have access to the Internet?

Toyon Bay has wireless internet. You are more than welcome to bring your laptop computer. We ask that you not use the internet in the dorms, only in the staff lounge when you are not in charge of campers. We also ask that you never share your computer with your campers – they are to be completely unplugged while they are at Sea Camp. By the way, our bandwidth is terrible.

There are also multiple staff computers with Internet access in the staff lounge.

Are there laundry facilities?

Yes. There are free laundry facilities on campus. You will have to supply your own detergent, which can be purchased in Long Beach during our time off.

How isolated is the camp? Is there somewhere near by where I can buy toiletries, personal items, etc?

Our campus is very isolated, but there is a small resort town, Avalon, located just south of Toyon Bay. In Avalon there are grocery and drug stores where essentials can be purchased. Also, counselors go to the mainland each week during the first four weeks of the summer and we will definitely make Wal-Mart runs.

Can I receive and send mail regularly?

Yes. We make a “mail run” to Avalon Monday-Saturday to pick-up and send mail, UPS, etc.

Our address for U.S. MAIL is:
Your Name
c/o Catalina Sea Camp
P.O. Box 796
Avalon, CA 90704

Our address for U.P.S. and FED-EX is:
Your Name
c/o Catalina Sea Camp
1 Toyon Bay
Avalon, CA 90704

What is the weather typically like?

As close to paradise as I have ever been! There is absolutely no humidity there…thank you! We have an ordinary coastal climate; mornings and evenings are pretty cool – usually in the 60 degree range. It can get pretty warm during the afternoon when the marine layer burns off, but rarely will it get above the 85 degrees mark. PLEASE NOTE, SUMMER 2018 WAS HOT! We broke some records in July.

Are there camp visitor days?

There will not be a visitor’s day in summer 2022.

What is the best time for me to exercise?

Before 7 AM – when you wake up your campers – is the best.

How much training will I receive? What will I be trained in?

Orientation goes from June 2nd to June 11th when we leave the island to pick up our first group of campers. Training week consists of setting up the camp, learning the in’s and out’s of children aged 8-17, learning the daily Sea Camp routine (including snorkeling, kayaking, where to hike, etc.), and bonding with other staff members.

Do I have to be Lifeguard, First Aid or CPR certified?

No, it is not a necessity. A Lifeguarding certification, First Aid and CPR are great tools to have in your back pocket, but as a counselor, it is not necessary. All of our SCUBA/Science/Sailing instructors are lifeguards and first aid/CPR certified.

Is there a dress code?

Yes and no. We do not require that you wear a uniform, but we ask that you dress modestly and appropriately. What modestly means is no thong bikinis, no Speedos; and please limit the use of low-rise pants, and midriff baring t-shirts. There is nothing worse than staring at someone’s butt cleavage. Campers will push the limits, but we as the role models should set a modest tone. When we say appropriately, we mean that you are not to wear any clothing advertising an alcoholic beverage, tobacco, drug usage, or profane slogan. Please use your judgment.

Also, a quick note, no tank tops in any food service areas, armpit hairs in the salad bar is not up to code with health standards – and it’s just icky!