For over 40 years, Catalina Sea Camp has been making a positive difference in the lives of children. We see thousands of students and campers impacted by the camp experience as they move through our summer camp program. Whether children are attending a one-week or a three-week summer camp session, they are benefitting greatly from the camp experience itself.

Being away from the comforts of home does wonders for a child. They form a greater sense of independence, making them more willing to try new things, which ultimately leads them to foster their own individual character. This all occurs while developing social skills and friendships that last a lifetime (without the influence of technology!). Camp allows children to have amazingly positive experiences, and it allows them to experience setbacks and develop grit in a supportive atmosphere. There is no judgement at camp, and Catalina Sea Camp is inclusive of all individuals, resulting in a diverse community of students, campers and staff.  This exciting new place full of encouraging people provides a safe environment for them to grow and develop – they can become the best versions of themselves!

Our Camps’ Impact

Our camps impact individuals – children, staff, and administrators alike – for both short (three days) and long (decades of employment) periods of time. We see the impact that camp has on the individual, we hear about the impact they then have on their families and communities, and we continue to see the impact that they have on the world.

A group of campers putting sand on a counselor at a beach.



of campers say that camp helped them get to know kids who were different from them (ACA)


of campers say that camp helped them to feel good about themselves (ACA)


of parents say that their child gained self-confidence at camp (ACA)

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