Catalina Sea Camp’s Approach to Summer 2022

We will continue to update this page with the most current information regarding this upcoming summer.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to run a successful camp program in 2021, mitigating risk while focusing on our mission of connection and discovery.  In looking to Summer 2022, we are glad for the experience of 2021 to give us confidence in our ability to ensure the care of your children no matter the circumstance.  We are continuing to remain optimistic that Summer 2022 will return to some normalcy.  As always we will keep our families updated as preparation for summer continues. 

Please know that if COVID-19 is still a risk, we will take conservative safety measures to ensure our programs are as safe as possible for your family. Community health and risk management have always been paramount for us, but COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of parent partnership on an unprecedented level. If the virus is still a threat, participation at Catalina Sea Camp will require you and your family to help us keep our camp community safe from outbreaks. 

COVID Vaccination Requirement: Clarification Update – 03/04/2022: This summer, we will require campers and staff to be FULLY vaccinated against COVID-19 before camp begins.

Campers and staff with medical exemptions will be allowed at camp with verified documentation from their physician. Personal exemptions will not be accepted.

We encourage you to contact our team with any questions:

One Week Program:
Three Week Program:
Phone: (909) 625-6194


What does “fully vaccinated” mean?

Per the CDC, a person is considered “fully vaccinated” if they have received their primary series of the COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer/Moderna: x2 doses – J&J: 1 dose) AND are 2 weeks post-completion of that series. Campers are NOT required to have a booster to attend camp this summer.

Will the COVID- 19 vaccination be required for campers this summer?

Yes, we will be requiring all campers to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. If you know your child will not be vaccinated for COVID-19 before their camp session, we respect your decision and recommend that you consider other camp programs for this summer.

Why would you require the vaccine when my child’s school is not?

While schools are easily able to have unvaccinated children who are exposed to COVID go home for the required quarantine periods, this requirement is too burdensome for us as a residential program with campers from many different geographic areas, including different states and countries. Based on current recommendations, we would be required to quarantine all exposed/unvaccinated campers for 5 full days following the exposure, even if they are symptom-free.

Will you require a booster?

At this time, CDC considers two doses for ages 5-17 as fully vaccinated.  We will continue to monitor recommendations from the CDC and our medical director.

Is a medical or personal exemption accepted?

We will consider medical exemptions. You may submit a medical exemption from your child’s physician to Catalina Sea Camp, and it will be reviewed by our medical and/or legal advisors. Personal exemptions will not be accepted.

My child had COVID-19 and has natural antibodies. Will you accept past infection in lieu of vaccination?

No. Currently, the CDC does not use natural immunity in its formulae for quarantining exposed individuals.

The vaccine does not prevent infection or the spread of the virus so why would Catalina Sea Camp require all campers to be vaccinated for COVID-19?

We will be following CDC recommendations regarding our response to a COVID exposure or positive test. The current (as of 2/10/22) guidance for unvaccinated, COVID-exposed individuals would make normal camp operations burdensome.

CDC Articles:

What is required as proof of vaccination?

In the Forms & Documents section of the camper’s account, please submit a copy of the camper’s CDC vaccination record card or a QR code (preferred) from your state’s database (, for California).  Records are subject to verification.

Will you be wearing masks or testing this summer?

At this time, we cannot anticipate what the pandemic will look like this summer or make any final decisions on what health protocols and best practices will be in place to keep our camp community healthy. We will continue to keep our COVID information page updated as we determine health policies and protocols for this summer.