5 Must Haves When Packing for Camp

The first day of camp is almost here! Now, of course that means packing for camp for your child. This can be a stressful and overwhelming process. We want to give you a heads up as to what is really important for your child to bring with them to camp. Here are the 5 simple things your child MUST HAVE.

1. Good Pair of Shoes
Every camper needs a good pair of shoes. It doesn’t matter what color, brand, or how long they have had them. The purpose of a good pair of shoes is to get your child moving, participating, and ready for any adventure that awaits them. Camp is a place where your child can try new things in an environment where they are safe and supported.

shoes (1)
Good shoes have them jumping for joy!

2. Cap – Thinking Cap
A thinking cap isn’t an actual tangible item however it is important to the experience your child will have at camp. Trust me, their thinking cap will get used. Your child isn’t in school, yet there are so many opportunities to learn about the ocean, Catalina Island, and even about themselves. Some of the activities are designed to be fun and entertaining and engage your child’s critical thinking skills in order to accomplish tasks. Not only does your child’s thinking cap help with problem solving, it is also critical in having a positive attitude. No matter what camp your child attends, there is always something that doesn’t go as planned. The weather is bad for a hike or the waves are not big enough to stand up in surf class. Whatever the case may be that things didn’t go as planned; a positive attitude can completely change the experience from so-so to spectacular!

Casi has her thinking cap and she is thinking this is a great place for a nap.

3. Suit – Silly Suit
Camp is the place where you can wear your silly suit the entire time. Wearing your silly suit means singing at random times. It means not being afraid to be yourself. It also means you can actually wear the silliest things you can find and no one will think twice about what you have on. So bring your costumes, wigs, funny hats, and gorilla suits…they will get worn. Oh and since we are surrounded by ocean, bringing an actual swimming suit is a good thing, too.

silly 2 (1)

4. Goggles – Friendship Goggles or Mask
At camp your child will put their goggles on and open their eyes to all the possibilities of friendship. There will be children at camp from all over the world, so your child has the opportunity to make friends with kids from all backgrounds and walks of life. Differences are a place for common ground at camp and these friendships form quickly. Many of the friendships made as 8-year-olds last a lifetime. The friendship goggles will help them to open their eyes and their heart.

Friends (1)

5. Toothbrush
A toothbrush because everyone needs one or that would be gross.

All kidding aside, this list will ensure your child has a memorable experience this summer. While packing for camp, clothes and everything else on the packing list is important, do not panic if something is forgotten. Being willing to try new things (good pair of shoes), having a positive thinking (thinking cap), being silly (Silly suit), and opening your heart (Friendship goggles) to new people is what camp is really all about. Now go get packing for camp!