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Summer Camp Themes: Our Ocean-Themed Summer Camp

lakeside summer camp themes

There are a lot of different summer camps to choose from. From sports to expedition camps, there’s something for everyone, regardless of their interests. Discover more about the different summer camp themes and dive into Catalina Sea Camp, an ocean-themed summer camp.

5 Common Summer Camp Themes

1. Traditional Summer Camp

When you think of summer camp or see summer camps portrayed in movies, you’re likely seeing a traditional summer camp. They offer various activities involving the outdoors, creative arts, performing arts, and more.

2. Academic or Technology Summer Camp

For kids with a passion for STEM, an academic-based summer camp will encourage them to explore their interests with like-minded campers. If you’re looking for a science camp for your child, we’d recommend AstroCamp!

3. Travel and Expedition Camps

Depending on the location, many travel and expedition camps include activities in different outdoor environments, like kayaking, biking, backpacking, and more. Your kid will go on adventures and create unforgettable memories as they travel outdoors.

4. Arts and Performance Camps

These camps can be the creative outlet your child is looking for. Here they can express themselves and embrace their passion for performance with fellow campers.

5. Sports Camps 

If your child eats, sleeps, and breathes sports then a sports camp will be their ideal place for the summer. At these camps, they’ll play and practice their sport with fellow athletes under the direction of highly experienced coaches.

Catalina Sea Camp: An Ocean-Themed Summer Camp

At Catalina Sea Camp, we wanted to step outside of the traditional box. That’s why our ocean-themed summer camp is full of unique experiences. Here are just a few ways we embody the ocean summer camp theme.

1. Location

Catalina Sea Camp is located on a sunny beach on Catalina Island off the coast of California. We even have our own private bay! What’s more ocean-themed than that?

2. Activities

From marine biology to water sports all of our activities are centered in and around the ocean and its waters making our camp the perfect place for kids who love marine life.

3. Facilities

Within our campgrounds, we have labs where campers can study different ocean invertebrates, the ocean’s ecology, and even plankton. On top of all the science-y stuff, we have lots of water sports equipment like sailboats, surfboards, and kayaks.

4. Resources

Through Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI), we’re able to offer lots of scuba diving activities and snorkeling adventures. Campers can become NAUI scuba certified thanks to their support!

Join Our Ocean-Themed Summer Camp

We’d love to see your child at Catalina Sea Camp this coming summer. Check out our dates and rates and be sure to enroll fast—spots fill up quickly.