Marine Science Labs

The Benefit of Studying Marine Biology for Teens

Campers during invertebrates lab at Fox Landing.

If your teen is already obsessed with the ocean or is curious about the aquatic ecosystem, marine biology is here to help! Diving into the ocean and learning about all its creatures and ecosystems opens the door to numerous benefits for a kid who’s looking to pour their passion into something. Here are just a few of those benefits:

Environmental Awareness

Children are our future and getting them involved in environmental activism through marine biology from a young age can help them feel empowered to participate in the change movement. Learning about the ocean’s dynamic ecosystems and how pollution affects them gives them the tools they need to help foster a sustainable future.  

Fox Landing waterfront.

Learn the Scientific Method

Studying marine biology can help guide their future, even if they don’t end up choosing a career within this scientific field. At Catalina Sea Camp, we approach marine biology through hands-on learning and the scientific method. The scientific method is applicable in all fields of science, and, we believe, in all facts of life. It’s how scientists acquire knowledge by asking questions, formulating hypotheses, doing research or experimenting, and thinking critically. All of these skills are important regardless of what you want to be when you grow up. 

Campers looking through a microscope during plankton lab.

Understanding Biodiversity

When teens study marine biology, they learn about all the cool creatures that live below the water’s surface. From tiny specimens like plankton to large beauties like whales, they’ll get to experience the ocean’s rich biodiversity. Understanding biodiversity ladders up to the other benefit of building environmental awareness because once your child sees the diversity they’ll understand the amount of life that is at stake and why preserving the oceans is so vital. 

A staff member showing campers a lobster.

Gets Kids Out of Their Comfort Zone

Having the opportunity to study marine biology hands-on isn’t a common occurrence for most teens. So when they do, they get to venture outside their comfort zone learning and growing as they do. At Catalina Sea Camp, we gently nudge kids beyond their comfort with scuba diving activities, night snorkeling, and touch tanks with real (and often squishy) organisms. All of our programs are built to immerse them in marine biology while being guided by enthusiastic counselors. 

Two staff members in scuba diving gear taking a selfie in the water.

Study Marine Biology at Catalina Sea Camp

The perfect place for your teen to practice marine biology, get out of their comfort zone, explore the scientific method, and learn about the ocean’s biodiversity is Catalina Sea Camp! Our three-week session is built for teenagers to ensure they’re engaged—from scuba diving to talent shows we’ve got everything covered for the best summer ever.