Adam Wilson

Head Counselor - Fox Landing

I decided to work for Sea Camp to be able to share my love for the oceans! I came to CIMI three times prior to working here, and these trips inspired my passion for the water and all life in it.

When I heard about the chance to come back, I knew it was the best place for me, to be able to be here and share all my knowledge and love of the ocean with others. Outside of being at Fox Landing, I am studying marine science at CSU Monterey Bay, I am a certified Master and Rescue Scuba diver, and an avid surfer. In the rare instances that I am not in the water, you can find me out on a run, or playing some basketball.

You’ll never know what you can’t achieve until you don’t try to not achieve it.

Nate Schatz
Toyon Bay waterfront.

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