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Our Favorite Marine Based Summer Camp Activities

When you think of summer camp, you likely imagine your child participating in fun activities, arts and crafts, and bonding around the campfire. And while these are classic camp activities, some kids may benefit from or better enjoy a summer experience with a more focused theme.

Catalina Sea Camp is perfect for kids ages 8-17 who are interested in marine biology and an ocean adventure summer camp experience. Along with classic fun adventures, campers also participate in a variety of marine-based summer camp activities that will help them develop new skills while learning about marine biology.

Here are just a few of the fun ocean activities kids can participate in at marine biology summer camp.


Sailing is an engaging and adventurous activity offered at our one-week and three-week California sea camps. Campers ages 8-13 can learn the ropes about sailing and enjoy time out on the water while older kids (ages 12-17) can master small boat sailing, catamaran sailing, and more.

Marine Mammals & More

Otters, sharks, and rays, oh my! Located at both Fox Landing and Toyon Bay, there are plenty of marine mammals, sharks, rays, fish, and invertebrates to explore. Younger campers will enjoy getting up close and personal with aquatic wildlife and older teens will be engaged while expanding their knowledge of marine biology through hands-on learning.

Aquarium Design & Maintenance

If your kid wants to make a career out of their passion for marine life, they are sure to love learning about aquarium design and maintenance. This one-of-a-kind course gives campers a glimpse into this important job.

Ocean Kayaking

Kayaking is known to be a relaxing activity, but the ocean waves keep campers on their toes. This thrilling marine-based summer camp activity is a great form of exercise and helps kids of all ages improve their coordination.


One of the best ways to get safely up close to marine life is by snorkeling. Campers can learn the basics and expand their skills to include night snorkeling and marine biology snorkeling. 

Scuba Diving

For campers in our three-week camp, scuba diving is a unique activity they can participate in. Our scuba diving program teaches open water scuba, night diving, and Catalina diver all taught by professionals. Medical restrictions do apply.

Oceanography & ROVs

The ocean is considered to be the last undiscovered frontier. With oceanography, campers can quench their curiosity and learn more about the ocean’s ancient history and its physical features.

Underwater Video & Photo

If your child loves photography and the ocean, this activity combines two of their passions. Campers of all ages can learn what it takes to snap a captivating picture or video underwater with expert direction and equipment.

Catalina Sea Camp Marine Based Summer Camp Activities

At Catalina Sea Camp, these are just a handful of the fun ocean activities campers can enjoy. 

During our one and three-week sessions, campers are encouraged to enjoy learning about marine biology on a private beach at Toyon Bay on Catalina Island while also participating in classic camp bonding activities.

Reach out to the team for more information about Catalina Sea Camp’s programs.