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Why a 3-Week Summer Camp is Perfect for Your Child

A group of summer camp counselors at Catalina Sea Camp

So your kid is eager to go to summer camp, but you’re not sure how long they should be away for? While there are some benefits to a one-week or even seven-week summer camp, we like to think the three-week camp session is the perfect middle ground. Discover why a three-week-long overnight summer camp is the right choice for your child.

Establishes Independence

If you or your child is worried about homesickness, a longer camp session—like three weeks long—might actually be better as homesickness usually resolves itself after the first few days. If they went to a one-week summer camp session, it could wrap up just as your child is beginning to feel settled.

Three weeks of camp is also a great amount of time for your camper to build up their confidence and establish independence within themselves. Spending nearly a month away from home in a new environment, surrounded by like-minded kids and nurturing staff, they’re able to explore who they are and who they want to be. 

girl with flippers

They Can Focus on Topics They Love

Campers can really dive into the topics they love learning since Catalina Sea Camp is an educational camp with a focus on marine biology. Our three-week session mirrors a university-style experience, where kids will provide their activity preferences prior to camp and will attend those activities multiple times during their camp session to build their skills. 

Campers looking through a microscope during plankton lab.

Or Explore New Ones

In addition to going all-in on their passions, campers here can take part in any number of our activities. Stepping out of their comfort zone builds independence and could introduce them to a new passion! If they love everything about marine biology but have never been scuba diving, Catalina Sea Camp’s three-week session is the perfect opportunity to check it out. Or if they love scuba diving but activities on top of the water are new to them—surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking—they can explore those here too. 

Campers surfing.

Ability to Bond with Other Kids

Camp is the perfect place to meet new kids and forge new friendships! And a three-week camp is just the right amount of time to build connections. That’s 19 days of hanging out, learning, and experimenting with like-minded peers—a lifelong connection is sure to bloom from sharing these experiences in sunny California. 

 At Catalina Sea Camp, we train our staff of friendly, passionate people to help every camper form a sense of independence, try new things, and develop their own individual character. We’re inclusive of all individuals, making our diverse community of campers, counselors, and instructors a safe place for everyone to grow and develop. 

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Experiences the Full Summer Camp Experience

Three weeks of summer camp ensures your child unlocks the whole “summer camp experience.” This experience is so important for a kid’s development, but what is it? It’s spending a good chunk of time away from home, building a home-away-from-home in your dorm with new friends, exploring new activities that push them beyond their comfort zone, singing songs and being goofy. When a camper has three weeks to do all of that and more, they’re able to have an unforgettable summer that unlocks something special. 

Campers paint party.

Catalina Sea Camp’s 3-Week Session is Perfect for Your Child

Our three-week sleepaway camp in California is the perfect spot for campers looking to foster their love of water,marine science, participate in the full summer camp experience, meet new friends, and establish their independence. Enroll your camper for this upcoming season and guarantee them the best summer ever!