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Why Our 3-Week Camp is Fun for High Schoolers

3 teens in wetsuits at Catalina Sea Camp

During the summer months, it’s tempting for high school students to take a load off and rest in front of the TV until the start of a new school year. While they do deserve a break, they shouldn’t lounge all summer. That’s why a three-week summer camp for teens is the perfect solution! At Catalina Sea Camp, high schoolers get to spend their three weeks exploring activities they’re interested in while reaping the benefits of summer camp. Here are just a few:

Sharpen Existing Interests

Spending three weeks doing something you love is time well spent. Especially when it’s in a nurturing environment led by enthusiastic experts. During the three-week session at Catalina Sea Camp, campers can select their activity preference, immersing themselves in whatever it is they love. This means if your teen loves scuba diving, they can spend their time here honing their skills and leveling up in their certifications.

Campers jumping into the ocean and swimming.

Leadership Experience & Being a Role Model 

As one of the older kids at camp, younger campers will look up to your high schooler. This experience can teach them invaluable skills about leading through action and acting as a good role model for their younger peers to follow. 

Experience a “University Style” Schedule 

Just like in college where students can pick their classes and schedules, campers can do the same at Catalina Sea Camp. Campers get to provide their activity preferences before camp and will attend those activities multiple times during their camp session to build their skills. Allowing them to experience this type of independence and autonomy before they’re off to college can help them feel more at ease when it’s time to pick classes. 

A group of CSC staff at Toyon Bay.

Create Lasting Memories

Our three-week summer camp is great for high schoolers because there are a lot of incredible experiences for them to try that will become cherished memories for them. They can go night snorkeling and see the bioluminescent creatures in the bay, they can learn to surf, or even become a certified NAUI master diver. 

Unplug & Step Away from the Pressures of “Real Life”

Summer camp is the perfect opportunity for your teen to learn about the beauty of unplugging, slowing down, and appreciating the moment. They’re not allowed to have their phones at Catalina Sea Camp, so they’ll have to learn what life is like when there’s no screen and just screendoors and unadulterated sunshine. Putting social media aside for three weeks can have incredible effects like improving their mental health and can help them become centered on what really matters. 

Two staff members smiling in the waters of Catalina Island.

Your Teen Will Love Our 3-Week Summer Camp in California

We’ve built our three-week session for high schoolers (and nearly high schoolers). From ages 12 to 17, our campers can experience the joy of a full camp experience while honing their passion for science and marine biology. Check out our dates and rates and enroll your child in an upcoming session—we’d love to have them!