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Perks of Summer Camp Counselor Jobs with Housing

A group of Toyon Bay staff.

Working for Catalina Sea Camp will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. You have the opportunity to work with people and children from all over the world. This summer camp experience will impact your life and provide growth, social skills, and knowledge more than any internship or summer class ever could. Plus, working here means you get to live on campus which has some incredible perks.

You Get to Stay on Catalina Island

One of the top perks of being a camp counselor at Catalina Sea Camp is that you get to stay on Catalina Island. Considered a secret gem of California, this island has swaying palms, white sand beaches, and incredible sunsets that are the perfect backdrop to summer camp. Plus, this island is known for its incredible and unique wildlife that can be seen in the mountains or under the sea. A summer spent by/on/in the ocean? Sounds pretty great to us. 

A Very, Very Short Commute

Camp counselors get to live on campus at Catalina Sea Camp and that means you don’t have to worry about a commute or being late! All you have to do is wake up. By eliminating your commute, you don’t have to worry about that expense in your summer budget, and you get more time with the campers. 

Experience the Camp Activities 

Our activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, making aquariums, kayaking, rock climbing, event planning, team bonding, and much more—and you get to experience all of them. So, depending on your age group you could be sailing around our private bay, teaching campers about underwater photography, or encouraging kids to explore invertebrates in our touch tank. We even have mountain adventures too, meaning after a morning of snorkeling, you could lead rock climbing, or guide campers through a low ropes course. 

Build a Better Bond with Campers & Counselors 

Because you are staying in the cabins, spending more time on campus, and partaking in the activities you get to develop strong, lasting bonds with the campers. This can have lasting impacts on both you and the kids. 

Plus, because you’re around them all the time and are living a shared experience, the friendships you form with other counselors are long-lasting. One counselor says:

“This place means everything to me. This is the place where I met my best friends and have shared some of the best memories possible. The people who work at Sea Camp are dedicated not only to the kids but to each other. On your bad days and your good days, you have 20+ of your best friends by your side. I wouldn’t trade my Catalina Sea Camp community for anything.”

Experience These Perks at Catalina Sea Camp: Join Our Team!

If you love sunshine, the sea, dynamic work environments, and stepping out of your comfort zone, then a job as a counselor at Catalina Sea Camp is perfect for you. We’d love to add you to our roster of incredible people and are sure you’d be a great fit here on our private shores. Check out our available positions and apply today!