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Take an Inside Tour Around Our Catalina Island Cabins

Fox Landing cabins.

At Catalina Sea Camp, we have a lot of unique facilities. We have a boathouse for our sailboats, labs for looking at bioluminescent algae, and storehouses for scuba gear. But the space that campers always ask about the most is our cabins, and we get why! Cabins are one of the most important parts of a camper’s experience. It’s where they’ll sleep, keep their valuables, and create their first community. Their bunkmates will be kids from around the country who love the sea as much as they do—the perfect place to make new friends.

Catalina Sea Camp has two locations that serve two different age groups, which means there are two different groups of cabins. Fox Landing is for campers ages 8-13, and Toyon Bay is for campers ages 12-17. But both locations have amazing features! Here’s the inside scoop as to what campers can expect from Catalina Island cabins.

Fox Landing Dorms

At Fox Landing, our colorful summer camp cabins sit right alongside the edge of the water. You can hear the waves gently washing up on shore as you fall asleep, and the distant cries of sea birds—the perfect lullaby. They’re designed like summer shore cottages—simple, effective, clean, and on prime seaside real estate.

Each cabin has six bunk beds with mattresses. Campers bring their own linens or sleeping bags from home, another way of making the space feel more comfortable. There are windows with shutters, cubbies for personal belongings, and plenty of space. It’s the perfect spot for unwinding after a long day, sharing your favorite experiences with your bunkmates, and getting some good rest.

Each group of cabins has a bathroom facility assigned to them. They have multiple sinks, toilets, and showers for cleaning up after each day. There are also individual bathrooms if campers need them.

Fox Landing cabins on a hillside.

Toyon Bay Dorms

Our older campers’ cabins are a bit more dorm-style, but they’re also super close to the water and the rest of the camp facilities, which makes it easy to get to class, the dining hall, or the beach! Each dorm has several bunk beds with mattresses. Older campers also bring their own linens or sleeping bags. 

Since these are dorm-style, they feel a bit more like official buildings than the Fox Landing cabins but still have a homey air to them. There are shelves for storing personal belongings, as well as windows with curtains and exposed stone accents along the walls. Some have said these dorms feel like a seaside villa!

Each dorm has its own set of bathrooms connected indoors with multiple sinks, toilets, and showers, just a short walk away. Campers can chill together in their bunks as they share stories of what they did that day, or about their lives back home. It’s the perfect atmosphere for making new friends and memories.

Toyon Bay dorm corridor.

Stay in the Cozy Cabins of Catalina Island Summer Camp 

Whether your camper stays in the cabins of Fox Landing or the dorms of Toyon Bay, our camp will quickly become a second home to them for the summer. At Catalina Sea Camp, we not only offer unique, hands-on, experiential marine biology programs with extensive campuses and equipment, but a nurturing environment and community. We care for every camper who comes here and carefully assign cabin mates to give each child the best experience possible during their time with us. 

We’d love to see your camper join one of our cabin communities this summer as they study marine biology and ocean science! Check out our summer camp’s dates and rates, and enroll today to help your child have the summer of their dreams.