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How Catalina Sea Camp is Preparing for a Healthy, Safe and Fun Camp this Summer

Following the wild whirlwind that was 2020, Catalina Sea Camp is back and better than ever! We know everyone is chomping at the bit to get back to camp this summer and we’re just as excited to welcome you all back, but before we open the gates we wanted to share with you all just what exactly the team at Catalina Sea Camp has done to ensure that this years summer camp experience will be as safe and healthy as it is fun!

Although the Covid-19 pandemic appears to be in the rearview mirror (finally), Catalina Sea Camp is leaving no stone unturned. The health and safety of our campers and staff is of the utmost importance, and our camp safety precautions help ensure that everyone at camp enjoys the full Catalina Sea Camp experience while abiding by the health and safety guidelines.

Take a look below to learn more on how the team at Catalina Sea Camp continuously works to create a healthy, safe and fun environment not just for this summer, but every year moving forward!

More Outdoor Activities

In another effort to promote camp safety, Catalina Sea Camp is moving many activities outdoors. This will help our camper practice social distancing and get more fresh air, which is what summer camp is all about. 

It’s also important to note that campers will also be organized in Pods and Cohorts. The former is your camper’s age-based cabin group who they can interact with while not wearing masks. The latter is made up of the children and staff in your campers’ program and interacting will require masking and social distancing. These precautions help to mitigate exposure to the virus as campers have fun trying new activities and meeting new friends.

ACA Accreditation

Catalina Sea Camp undergoes an extensive ACA accreditation process every five years. This requires us to adhere to more than 250 standards, so you have the peace of mind that your camper is in safe hands. For example, all our instructors are trained in first aid, CPR, and water safety and our onsite nurse is available 24-hours a day to meet our campers’ health needs. Our campers are also always required to have a health form filled out with a current physical and doctor’s signature, even before and after current summer camp restrictions.


Extra Precautions for Summer 2021


Along with maintaining our best practices for cleanliness around camp, there are a few extra precautions Catalina Sea Camp is adhering to this summer. We know that the experience from a summer at Catalina Sea Camp is one-of-a-kind so we assure you that any extra precaution will not have an effect on your summer camp experience!

Enhanced Cleanliness


Cleanliness is a crucial component for keeping Catalina Sea Camp operating at 100% every summer, but in light of this past year, we’ve been putting an extra emphasis on the disinfection and sanitation efforts to keep camp running at the top of its game. That’s why all staff will have hand sanitizer on them this year and there will be dispensers available throughout the camp. Campers are also encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer to use.

Additionally, high-traffic areas will be cleaned multiple times a day following the American Camp Association and CDC Guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to, areas like the dining hall, health center, and restrooms. 

Implemented a 14-day Precaution Plan


Like with many other camps across the country, Catalina Sea Camp has policies in place to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic before campers arrive. All campers are required to follow a 14-day Precaution Plan that includes being cautious and vigilant about who they interact with and wearing a mask in public places.

Most importantly, campers and parents should monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms and practice good hygiene like hand washing. Additionally, campers will be required to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival at camp.

There’s nothing we want more than to share our incredible camp experience with everyone, but the health and safety of our campers comes first. Keep in mind these state guidelines won’t last forever and we’re already starting to see more and more restrictions being lifted. Catalina Sea Camp is one of California’s most notoriously fun and engaging summer camps and we aim to keep it that way for all time.